Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you a registered 501(c)(3) Organization?
A: Yes, we are a not-for-profit, registered 501(c)(3)organization.

Q: How long has the Doula Program been training and assigning Doula Volunteers?
A: Since 2001.

Q: Do you charge for Doula Volunteer services?
A: No. We do not charge referring organizations, or the individuals in need, or the Doula Volunteers trained.

Q: How are you funded?
A: Individuals, family foundations and grants. We do not receive government funding.

Q: How do you find individuals in need?
A: Healthcare and social services organizations refer their clients and patients who have a serious or life threatening condition.

Q: Do individuals have to be on hospice to qualify for a Doula Volunteer?
A: No, we do not care what course of treatment or services a person elects.

Q: What do Doula Volunteers do?
A: i) Community Model: The Doula Volunteers commit to weekly visits to one individual in the home or healthcare facility until the individual dies. Visits will continue as the illness progresses, the location changes, or service providers change. The commitment is to the relationship, guided by the individual and can include anything from watching TV together to talking about interests. Relationships can last from months to several years.
ii) Palliative Care model: The Doula Volunteer sees several patients receiving Palliative Care services during one visit.

Q: What do Doula Volunteers not do?
A: Daily tasks such as housekeeping, bathing, dressing, cooking. Our referring organizations assess and meet these needs.

Q: Who are the Doula Volunteers?
A: Men and women of all ages, cultures and spiritual traditions. Our volunteers are not employed in the helping professions.

Q: How do you recruit and train your volunteers?
A: We receive over 100 inquiries a year. We carefully interview, screen, and select volunteers, who participate in our comprehensive 8-week training program and commit to serving for at least one year. Most Doula Volunteers have been with the Organization for many years. Our retention rate is far greater than the national average.

Q: Who trains, assigns and provides ongoing supervision for the Doula Volunteers?
A: Professional social workers who all have extensive end of life expertise.

Q: Can a family member or friend make a referral?
A: We welcome referrals from all sources. However we require that all recipients are linked with a medical or social service provider.